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How to buy the best water skis

Choosing the best water skis for the kind of skier you are, the kinds of things you want to do out on the water, and making sure they are the perfect size can be a bit of a tall task for new water skiers – especially those that haven’t even purchased their first set of skis yet!

Armed with the inside info below, however, you should have no trouble whatsoever navigating the options on the market and landing the best water skis for you. The tips and tricks below will guarantee you get your hands on the best water skis available for how you want to spend your time on the water, that’s for sure!

What kind of water skier are you?

Right out of the gate you need to establish the kind of water skier you are and the kind of skiing you’re going to be hoping to enjoy out on the water. Newbies will find that the best skis for them are likely budget focused combo skis, whereas more experienced water skiers may be looking for trick, jump, or racing skis built for speed and acrobatic activities rather than just motoring around the lake.


You have to know what kind of skier you are to find the right skis, as the best water skis for you might not be the best water skis for someone else.

What kinds of speeds are you looking to reach?

If you’re just starting out, the odds are pretty good you’re going to be pulled around the lake at speeds under 30 mph. This gives newbies the chance to get their legs under them, understand how the water reacts to skis, and allows them to enjoy the sport without feeling like everything is moving too fast (literally).

The kinds of skis designed for slower action on the water will be wider than more advanced “speed” models. The wide body and rolled edges give you a lot of control but won’t let you reach top speeds. Are you looking for skies for kids or women? If you’re pushing the boundaries of the sport at speeds higher than 33-35 mph, the odds are you want something longer, something slimmer, and something with edges that allow for quick and instant shifts in direction and changes of momentum. Slalom skies should be the only ones used at speeds faster than 35 mph, too.

Size matters!

The best water skis are likely going to fit a bit more snug than you are used to or expect, but that’s because you need to know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that those skis are going to stay attached to your feet no matter what. Best brands of water skies are: Connelly, Ho, O’brien.


Even still, it’s not a bad idea to get professionally sized for your new skis, making sure that your investment in this equipment is the right one for you. Highlighting the different types of water skis for sale today

If you are thinking about diving headfirst into the world of waterskiing, one of the most exciting action sports around – and a sport that is experiencing some record growth over the past few years now – you’re going to need to get your hands on a quality set of water skis.

Unfortunately, this can be a bit of a pickle for those that haven’t ever water skied in the past and aren’t connected with anyone that understands how to sift through all of the different water skis for sale today.

Thankfully though, with the inside information below, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with answers to help you find the perfect water skis for your specific needs. Let’s dive right in!

Basic water skis

These are the kinds of water skis you are going to find in most big-box department stores and sporting goods stores, and are the kinds of water skis for sale that aren’t going to set you back any real amount of money.


Designed for those that want to get on on the water every couple of weekends, as well as those that are just looking to try out the new sport before making a major financial commitment, basic water skis are very utilitarian and have no frills bells, or whistles and usually don’t take advantage of modern design or construction materials, either.

Combination water skis

Sometimes called combination pairs, these are probably the most common type of waterski for individuals that are more serious about learning the sport and are definitely the easiest to learn with and about as “future proof” a set of water skis for sale as you are going to find.

The skis are set up with wider tips for better control, and one of the skis is going to be set up as a combination ski with a double binding option that makes slalom skiing possible.

Slalom water skis

These water skis are designed for use individually, helping you make ridiculously sharp turns and achieving lightning fast speeds across the water in a way that combination skis just don’t make possible.

Recreational type slalom skis feature a wide tail and a flat bottom so that you can get up and ride in straight lines, whereas more advanced options have a tapered tail and beveled edges to help you achieve top speed and make razor sharp turns.

Trick and jump skis

These water skis are really designed for people that have been waterskiing for quite a while, more advanced users that are looking to get the very most out of their time out on the water.

Used to jump, to spin, to do tricks, and to essentially skate across the water, these skis usually feature no fins which make them more challenging to control but also allow you to fly off of jumps with them on without worrying about damaging the skis themselves.