Connelly Water Skis

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This is what makes Connelly water skis some of the best in the business

Producers of some of the best water skis ever made – including some of the highest end water skis used by water sport professional athletes in the highest levels of competition – Connelly water skis have been around since 1965 and this little family operation has turned into one of the most influential companies in the industry over the past five decades plus.

Providing water skis to fit every budget and every athletic level imaginable, beginners are going to be able to take advantage of impressively designed combination water skis from this company while professionals will have the chance to leverage advanced materials and intelligent engineering that will help them gain a serious competitive advantage.

Each and every one of the Connelly water skis out there have been designed to improve upon the performance of each previous iteration. This is a company that appreciates they are history and their legacy, but this is also a company producing the best water skis possible – even if it means abandoning some of their history and creating new game changing solutions along the way.



Connelly water skis leverage only the highest and construction materials, taking advantage of lightweight but incredibly strong materials like aluminum and carbon fiber (as well as a whole host of composites and space-age plastics) to provide you with the best possible experience when you are out on the water.

When you invest in a set of Connelly water skis your investing in the best of the best!

Still a family owned and operated company, this is a company that is tremendously passionate about the products that they produce and water sports in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world. Each and every one of the Connelly water skis available for sale are produced in the United States, and they continue to put out products that innovate, products that inform the industry, and products that competitors have been trying to knock off since the first set of Connelly water skis became available.

This is the company, after all, responsible for the famous Big Easy design in the 1990s that made it simple and straightforward for anyone and everyone to get up on a pair of skis and have a great time out on the water as well as the company that created the V Step innovations in the 2000’s that took the height of the sport of waterskiing to entirely new levels.


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