Jimmy Styks Hybrid 208 and Puffer Inflatable SUP Boards Review


Jimmy Styks Hybrid 208 Stand Up Paddle Board

jimmy-sticks-ad-hybrid-208The Jimmy Styks Hybrid 208 stand up paddle board is 11 feet 2 inches long and has such an efficient design which makes it excellent for beginner stand up paddlers. I like the design features which contribute to its ease of use and control in any water condition. To elaborate on these features, the tail of the Jimmy Styks Hybrid 208 board has a moderate rocker curve which helps to keep the nose of the board above water in choppy seas or when facing small incoming waves. The nose end is flat enough which makes it easy to plane smoothly on calm water.

This Jimmy Styks Hybrid 208 stand up paddle board is made of epoxy and weighs 31 ½ pounds and accommodates a maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds.  It comes with a standard fin box which is replaceable however I would recommend that if you need to purchase replacement fins that you go with jimmy Styks brand fins. This is because the replacements coming from China tend to be made of plastic and this board is made of epoxy. If you use plastic fins as replacements you might end up having to shave the front part down for it to fit perfectly. You can eliminate this hassle by just buying within the brand.


Another great feature about this board that I love is the built in bungee system which allows you to secure your paddle and other personal effects and SUP accessories. The built in self-breathing vent handle which is a trademark of all Jimmy Styks  stand up paddle epoxy boards allows the board to regulate its pressure properly.

One more awesome thing which I haven’t yet mentioned is the fact that this board is available in a bundled set. You will receive along with the Jimmy Styks Hybrid 208 a stand up paddle board bag, an adjustable paddle made of composite materials and also a 10 foot coil leash. All these add-ons make you paddle ready to go once you receive your delivery. You can click here to order.

If you would prefer an inflatable stand up paddle board, then consider the Jimmy Styks Puffer Inflatable SUP.

Jimmy Styks Puffer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


This 11 foot 4 inch Jimmy Styks Inflatable SUP board is made to be very durable and sturdy, boasting double PVC layer on the outer and inner surfaces and nylon drop stitch tethers at the core. The nylon core allows it to have superior rigidity. This board also comes in a bundled package which offers values for money. The accessories include a dual action high pressure air pump, an adjustable paddle, a paddle board bag,  a repair kit, a fin with the related hardware, a leash and a valve wrench.

jimmy-sticks-ad-puffer-inflatableI like that this board can accommodate a higher weight capacity than the solid Jimmy Styks Hybrid 208, being 270 pounds. The inflatable nature makes it ideal for people who are looking for convenience of storage and transport. If you are a beginner I would recommend this board as it is very easy to roll up and carry and will also save you a pretty penny on roof racks since you can carry it in your trunk.  I also recommend it for novices because it is best suited for flat water or mild waves. The more experienced paddler would be looking for something suited for speed and can handle more formidable waters.

Additional design features of the board include the carrying handle which is in the centre of the board which enables you to take it into the water with ease. The Jimmy Styks Puffer Inflatable SUP is also pretty lightweight and has a bungee assembly system on its surface to secure your life vest and other accessories as well as items you will be taking into the water.

The winning advantage of this Jimmy Styks Puffer Inflatable SUP board is that it comes with all the needed accessories and tools to get you started paddle boarding right away. If you are sold on the features and value of this board, then go right ahead and make your purchase here.