O’Brien Water Skis for Sale


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Highlighting why O’Brien water skis are so popular

For years and years now, O’Brien water skis have been considered by recreational enthusiasts and professional athletes of like to be amongst the very best of the best in the business – and it’s easy to see why!

Taking advantage of advanced design and engineering solutions like the patented Delta Base Technology, innovative construction materials like the Fusion Core and the Feather Core, and a whole host of performance features that leverage the best materials available today, it’s easy to see why O’Brien water skis are so popular and why so many people choose them over all other options when they are getting ready to hit the water.

Advanced design choices make O’Brien water skis a no-brainer

Responsible for the patented to Delta Base Technology, a series of Chevron -shaped channels that have been molded into the tip and tail of each individual waterski an effort to reduce drag, these water skis that leverage this kind of design choice are able to produce a much faster edging ability and a cleaner release off of each individual wake – and that’s just one of the major advanced design choices that are implemented in almost all of the O’Brien water skis on the market today.


Use of innovative construction materials pushes the sport of waterskiing into the future

Companies in the waterskiing industry are quick moving to take advantage of new materials as they become available, and the folks at O’Brien are no different but they’ve also been able to take advantage of older construction materials in innovative ways to improve the performance of their water skis as well.

The Fusion Core of some of their water skis is a perfect example of this approach. Utilizing two wooden stringers that have been sandwiched next to the patented Feather Core foam, this produces skis that are more durable and a lot lighter while providing quite a bit of “bounce” when trying to snap off of a wake.

The Feather Core material, as well as the Wood Core material found in some O’Brien water skis, are utilized in innovative ways while leveraging the same kind of material that waterski companies have been using for quite a while.

The Feather Core produces pop and bounce while the wood core guarantees the lowest level of weight with the maximum durability and an organic feel that you just aren’t going to find with you a more standard synthetic and man-made materials.

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