Stand Up Paddle Board Bags Review


If you’re thinking of taking up stand up paddle boarding or you already do, one thing you will realize is that your paddle board needs to be securely stored. Paddle boards range in size from around 9 feet to over 14 feet so they can be pretty long and really take up quite a bit of space. It’s easy to imagine how much potential damage they might face when moving them around or storing them. In fact, most of the damage to them results when they are not in use in the water.

To solve this, stand up paddle board bags have been designed with features to protect your board from moisture, heat and other forms of damaging exposure. Whether your stand up paddle board is inflatable or solid, there is a stand up paddle board bag which can suit your needs and contribute to the longevity of your stand up paddle board. One caution before storing it in a stand up paddle board bag is to ensure that the board is properly dry to prevent the growth of mould. Have a look at the features of the following stand up paddle board bags and you will be sure to be able to choose one to protect the board you have or wish to purchase.

First off is the…

ISLE Inflatable SUP Carrying Bag

ISLE-Inflatable-SUP-Carrying-BagThis stand up paddle board bag is designed to fit Isle stand up paddle boards up to 12 feet 6 inches long. If you have an inflatable board which fits those dimensions then you will want to consider these features. This bag has a shoulder strap and also waist straps which will offer you good support while you carry it. The back pack design distributes the weight evenly and is a much more convenient way to carry than just slinging it over your shoulder.

The outer surface is made of heavy duty nylon which is ideal for protecting your board from the elements. This stand up paddle board bag is also designed with a bungee system on the outside to accommodate your board’s air pump.

The final dimensions of the bag is 36” x 14” x 12” which makes it a pretty good size for air travel if you need to take your board with you. You can purchase this stand up paddle board bag here.

The next inflatable stand up paddle board bag option is the…


Tower iSUP Backpack Bag for Inflatable Paddle Boards

Tower-iSUP-Backpack-Bag-for-Inflatable-Paddle-BoardsThis bag is able to accommodate all sizes of inflatable paddle boards and gives you a little more carrying room for the paddle as well as the air pump via the bungee storage section. You even have space to accommodate the fins on your board (if it has them) on the inside with the zippered compartment. The top of the bag closes by means of snaps and Velcro and it is conveniently carried by means of the back pack straps. If this sounds like the stand up paddle board bag for you, pick one up right here.

Tower Backpack Product Video

The next bag up for review is the…

Stand Up Paddleboard Bag Travel 10mm Heavyweight by Curve

This stand up paddle board bag was designed to carry paddle boards which are solid and works for size ranges from 9 to 14 feet long. It has a 10mm thick foam core which provides water resistant storage in addition to the 600 D poly canvas base and silver tarpee outer surface for extra protection.

Transport your paddle simultaneously in the built in paddle storage section which has a padded cover to protect the paddle blade. Due to the length of each paddle board, this stand up paddle board bag comes with a padded shoulder strap instead of a back pack strap design and the strap can be removed. A quality large tooth YKK zipper runs the length of the bag and the design features are complete with an adjustable fin compartment as well as a pocket on the inside. Click here to purchase this storage bag.

Our final stand up paddle board bag for review is the…

BIC Sport HD Stand Up Paddle Board Bag


This BIC stand up paddle board bag is made to fit boards in the BIC size range having the same length as the bag. It includes reflective material on the hull as well as the deck surfaces to stave off the effects of sunlight on your board. The bag is padded with 5mm thick foam and has sturdy 600 D material in the remaining areas where there is no reflective material.

This stand up paddle board bag comes with a handle as well as a shoulder strap and is equipped with a paddle holder also. If your paddle board has a round nose shape or a touring nose shape, you can select one or the other to properly fit your board here.